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  • Expert faculty with internationally renowned lecturers and clinicians
  • Shoulder only focus - ideal for Surgeons, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapists, Rheumatologists, Sonographers and Radiologists
  • Highly practical to ensure plenty of opportunity for the delegates to practice and learn from our expert faculty
  • Opportunity to scan real patients with pathology under close supervision. The patients have been hand picked to ensure delegates see a variety of pathologies.
  • High tutor to delegate ratio to allow plenty of feedback and close supervision to the delegates
  •  Focused teaching based on individual delegate needs
  • Comprehensive course notes, online pre-reading and teaching resources

Suitable for delegates with no ultrasound experience or practitioners who are looking to develop their skills


(Numbers limited)

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 This intensive practical one-day course is designed for clinicians looking to integrate diagnostic ultrasound of the shoulder into their clinical practice.  The course is designed for those with no or little experience of ultrasound, as well as those looking to further develop their scanning skills.

Due to the high tutor to faculty ratio the course can cater for a variety of scanning levels.

There is a strong clinical focus throughout, and particular attention is given to when and how imaging findings change clinical management. Many case examples are presented, and discussion is encouraged to share ideas and experiences.

Clinicians attend our courses from a variety of disciplines, providing an excellent opportunity to network, learn from each other and challenge clinical practice.

The morning is focussed on scanning the shoulder in small groups, with plenty of machines and close supervision from our expert faculty. The morning includes short presentations, faculty demonstrations and practical workshops where the delegates scan with close supervision on models. After this, delegates get the opportunity to scan real patients with a variety of pathology.

The afternoon focusses on ultrasound guided injections of the shoulder.The course will cover sub-acromial bursa, acromioclavicular, glenohumeral joint and suprascapular nerve injections.  Delegates will be taught how to carry out an in-plane and out-of-plane guided injection and will have the opportunity to practise this on meat specimens and an ultrasound guided shoulder injection trainer.

Our tutors have taught this course all over the world and have lots of top tips, technical knowledge and clinical gems to ensure delegates maximise this unique learning opportunity and develop their skills. For each injection the delegates are taught the simplest and most effective techniques.

This course is suitable for clinicians with no ultrasound imaging experience or those looking to develop their skills further.

Fee: £390 (imited numbers)